Perfex Review: Powerful Open Source CRM

February 22, 2023

Perfex Review: Powerful Open Source CRM

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It’s important to know why you want a CRM system in the first place. If you set clear goals, a CRM system could benefit your business. So let us read more about Perfex Review: Powerful Open Source CRM.

Perfex Review: Powerful Open Source CRM

Perfex Review: Powerful Open Source CRM

Start with a business audit or gap analysis to help you determine your goals. Perfex CRM can help you appear more trustworthy to your customers and boost the performance of your business at the same time.

What is a Perfex CRM?

The Project Management Feature of Perfex CRM is a powerful tool that works well for almost any business, freelancer, or other use. CRM means managing the relationship with the customer.

But it usually means a tool or solution that helps businesses keep track of and manage their interactions with customers and prospects.

Perfex CRM benefits:

  • The most popular open-source CRM on Codecanyon and the one that sells the most copies.
  • Complete CRM: The client experience platform is very flexible and built-in.
  • Alignment of Teams: Using Perfex CRM to coordinate your operations, marketing, and sales will help you avoid problems.
  • To learn more about the possibilities: Use intuitive psychographic and demographic factors to find your most likely customers.
  • Unlimited integration of third-party apps: You can automate your workflow by connecting any app to Perfex CRM.

What services does The Perfex CRM offer?

The Perfex CRM provides all the CRM services you need to keep your workflow running smoothly. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with them!

Free Consultation:

At Perfex CRM, we believe in talking to each other. Understanding is the first and most important step to making perfect CRM software. We ensure that our clients and CRM experts are on the same page.

So, we start by giving our clients a free consultation where we listen to what they have to say. It ensures we know exactly what our clients want from a CRM system. Our consulting services include everything from the client’s goals to the technical ways we can help them reach them.

Customized CRM Development:

Our team of CRM experts can help any business find the right CRM solution for them. Whether you have a small or big, complicated business, every company’s main goal is to meet its customers’ best needs.

We make sure that our customized CRM software makes it easier for businesses to manage their workflows. We aim to help your clients make their employees more productive and convert more leads into paying customers.

Custom module development:

Modules are meant to make any CRM system better at what it does. At Perfex CRM, we make custom modules for our clients so that they can better manage their workflow.

It improves the CRM experience by making it more complete and tailored to the user. The custom modules in Perfex CRM are made to fit the needs of your business. We offer customization for modules that have already been made, and we also make custom modules from scratch.

Perfex CRM’s Mobile App Development:

The Perfex CRM mobile app allows you to run your business even when you’re out and about. It lets you keep in touch with your team even when you’re not at work.

Also, the mobile app will let you closely monitor the leads. As you would on a PC, you can run marketing campaigns, respond to information, set up meetings, make follow-up calls, and manage projects.


Perfex CRM works well with apps and software from other companies. We want to give you a platform that has everything you need. We help you stay focused and organized by giving you a single place to manage data from all your business apps.

With Perfex CRM integration, you can move your contacts, call and send messages, handle email marketing, import ledgers, and sync payment and sales data all in one place.


The process of making a CRM solution is not done. We help our clients get off to a good start and ensure that those who use our products get the most out of them.

Your employees can learn how to use the system with the help of MyPerfexCRM training. It helps them learn how the CRM system works and use it to its fullest potential. We train users at every level of a company, whether they work in admin, sales, or HR.

Perfex Review: Powerful Open Source CRM Features:

 Project Management Tools:

With Perfex CRM, keeping track of projects has never been easier. Track the progress of a project, how well staff is doing at their jobs, how much it costs and how much time it takes.

Make an invoice with one click:

With Perfex CRM, it’s easy to make invoices that look professional. You add the file to the PDF invoice and send it to your customer along with the PDF invoice. Make recurring bills to keep track of workload and productivity.

 Make guesses:

They are figuring out success metrics to help them manage their customer relationships well. So, if a customer asks for an estimate, Perfex CRM handles it automatically and returns it immediately.

 Make attractive proposals:

Sending your prospects and customers designed deals will help build your brand’s reputation. Perfex CRM has everything you need to add to bids, such as pictures, videos, and tables.

Leadership and Management:

Perfex CRM helps find the most likely clients by considering all psychographic and demographic factors. It helps sales teams do their jobs better by letting them focus on the top prospects in real-time.

Record Cost:

With Perfex CRM, it’s easy to set up a sheet that will be used repeatedly to record all expenses. Perfex CRM will take care of the rest. All you have to do is set the billable costs over time.

Notate the payment:

Perfex CRM keeps track of every payment you get, regardless of currency. Each transaction is saved in a file that is made automatically, and after each transaction, a PDF is made for you to review.

Awesome Helping System:

Customer service is a key part of keeping customers. When a customer asks a question, Perfex CRM automatically creates a ticket to keep them interested and lets you know so you can answer quickly and effectively.

The base of knowledge for customers and employees:

Our blog posts on My Perfex CRM keep you updated and give you accurate information to help you learn more. You can say what you think about the information in a blog.

Built-in staff jobs:

Perfex CRM has built-in employee monitoring tools that let you keep track of all your workers by giving them tasks with due dates so that they are held accountable.

Deal with contracts:

Perfex CRM has built-in contracts that can turn simple documents into legally binding contracts. You can make a PDF file, add features that come with it, and email it immediately.

Send customer and lead surveys:

Putting together surveys is always a good way to get customers more involved. You can make Perfex CRM surveys and send them to all leads, clients, and employees.

Detailed Calendar:

With an integrated and detailed calendar, Perfex CRM lets you keep track of events, meetings, tasks, due dates, resources, schedules, and projects. So you can know where you are right away.

News from the company:

To share information about your company’s events, new products, or anything else, you need to add all the relevant information to Perfex CRM. It also gives employees an easy way to talk to each other.


When you use Perfex CRM, you need to keep track of your employees, output, and goals. With CRM software, you can set goals and track what you’ve done and what you still want to do.

Make more customized fields:

Want to add more fields to one of your modules? It’s taken care of by Perfex CRM. Please tell us what you want us to do, and we’ll do it. Contact us if you want to know more.

Conclusion – Perfex Review: Powerful Open Source CRM

Modules are meant to make any CRM system better at what it does. At Perfex CRM, we make custom modules for our clients so that they can better manage their workflow. It improves the CRM experience by making it more complete and tailored to the user. So this concludes the topic for Perfex Review: Powerful Open Source CRM.