Ella Shopify Theme Review March 2023

February 22, 2023

Ella Shopify Theme Review March 2023

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Shopify provides you with access to free templates, but none of the themes are thought to be finished. So let us read more about Ella Shopify Theme Review March 2023.

Ella Shopify Theme Review March 2023

Ella Shopify Theme Review March 2023

Even if you use free templates, you’ll eventually want to buy a premium one. I believe it’s a waste of time and effort to use free themes. Most premium themes in Shopify’s marketplace cost more than $100.

Most of the templates you’ll find in the Shopify marketplace are more expensive and not as good as the Ella theme. Ella costs one-third or half as much as the Premium Shopify templates and has many features.

It is built with CSS3, HTML5, and bootstrap framework and is used by more than 18000 websites. The flexible design of Ella works with Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


If you think that setting up Ella is hard, you’re wrong. This Shopify theme is easy to set up. Once you have the zip file for the Ella theme on your computer, you should extract it.

Then, you should upload the file called sections-ready.zip to your Shopify store. To do this, go to your admin area’s “themes section”. Enable/activate/publish the template once you’ve implemented it.

Features of the Ella theme:

 Lazy load

It’s difficult to add the lazy load feature to a website by hand. Several scripts on the web can help you do this, but they might not work how you want them to. The lazy loading effect can be turned on in the Ella Shopify theme.

Why utilize the Slow Load functionality?

Because online stores show many pictures of products on their product and category pages, the location may take a while to load. This happens because the server will have to move the files from your Shopify website’s directory to the visitor’s computer.

Lazy Loading ensures that the client only asks for the images the user should see. For example, if the user can only see the header section, only the pictures in the header will be asked for. When the user scrolls down, any pictures added to the body or miler section will be shown.


A Shopify theme is useless if it can’t be set up differently. No one would want his site to look like another user’s site. You may make your site appear unique because the Ella theme features 10+ home page layouts.

The template provides access to stores’ demos for watches, bikes, jewelry, and other things. You can look at the demos for ideas or to get an idea of what a good web page should look like. Ella has more than 8 layouts for product pages and more than 6 for category pages. It has 15 or more child themes.


If you want to take advantage of just about everything Shopify offers, you might want to start a blog. With tools like DropInBlog for Shopify and the Ella theme, you can add a sophisticated blog to your Shopify store that is easy to change.

Newsletter form that pops up

People might like your shop. You can use the Ella Shopify theme’s Newsletter popup module to ensure that these people become regular customers or buy your products.

What is this module’s purpose?

You can connect the Newsletter module to the free Mailchimp email service. Once MailChimp is configured, and a user enters his email address in the form and subscribes to your magazine, MailChimp will send emails to users at the date/time you specify.

MailChimp can be set to send the latest deals, offers, etc., from your Shopify site to the people who have signed up for it.

Ajax Cart and a drop-down cart

When a website visitor clicks the “Add to Cart” button, Ella will not reload or refresh the page. Instead, she will only refresh the cart icon, which shows how many items are in the cart.

The user will have a great time with this feature. It also stops the browser from asking for the whole page when clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

The drop-down cart is another cool thing about the Ella Shopify theme. When the user clicks on the cart icon, the template will show a drop-down menu with all the items in the cart. The user can change their order or move on to the checkout form. You can also keep the “Add to cart” button in Ella.

Infinite Scroll

A user might be interested in your product and scroll down. To wow the user, you can turn on Ella’s feature that lets you scroll forever. The Ella theme is SEO-friendly because it has an infinite scroll.

Play with color

The Ella Shopify theme lets you change the color of its background, foreground, border, and hover effect. You can try out different color buttons, links, menus, etc., to see which ones get the most clicks.

Sliders and galleries

Images and videos are important to the success of an eCommerce website built with Shopify. With Ella, you can make sliders for both video and images. It also has an “Instagram Gallery” module that lets you show pictures from your Instagram albums.

Cookie Popup

Some countries require you to tell people visiting your website that it uses cookies. You won’t be able to sell your products in a country if you don’t follow its rules. The cookie popup can be turned on with Ella in just a few seconds.

Not in stock

If an item is sold out, Ella can show a form the user can fill out and send to be notified when the item returns in stock. This feature ensures you don’t lose customers when an item sells out and you’re working on returning it to stock.

Currency and language

If you plan to ship products outside of your country, you can set up Ella so that visitors to your online store can choose to change the language and currency.

Bought together things

On the product page of popular e-commerce sites, the items that are “often bought together” are listed. The Ella Shopify theme lets you turn this feature on or off.

Prices and support

As was already said, Ella is less expensive than many of the templates in the Shopify marketplace. ThemeForest.com costs $79 to buy. The company that made Ella, HaloThemes, has sold over 12,000 copies.

Ella is the Shopify template with the highest rating and the most sales on ThemeForest. Customers can get help from HaloThemes through tickets and emails.


  • Ella has a lot of features that are easy to use, and it is also easy to learn. Since it already has many features, you won’t waste time looking for and installing apps.
  • Easy to change: The Ella theme is very simple to change. The user only needs to change the settings to make the template their own.
  • Ella costs only $79, which isn’t much.


  • None

Conclusion – Ella Shopify Theme Review March 2023

The Ella Shopify theme is a strong one. It has a few features and costs only $79. It is easy to change and is made to work well on mobile devices. So this concludes the topic for Ella Shopify Theme Review March 2023.